Best practice: UN-EU partnership report presents results effectively

Homepage for design for the new UN-EU report.

The UN in Brussels recently released its annual UN-EU partnership report. The multimedia version of the report is by no means groundbreaking, but it is nevertheless an example of best practice in online presentation. This is why:

Overall presentation: The content is presented in a clean, easily accessible and memorable way. These are essential elements for any publication to have a strong impact on the reader, particularly for a publication that presents results.

Photos: Of particular note is the use of strong photos that both tell a story and lead readers into the text. When you hover over photos on the homepage they fade out and chapter titles appear. Each photo links to its respective chapter. The photos within each chapter are presented in a slide show format and each one tells a story, with our without the caption.

Photo/text combination: The introductory photo for each chapter includes foreground text at the onset, but all other photos in the chapter are initially presented without text, allowing the viewer to reflect and take in the high impact images. But they do include a ‘results’ button at the bottom corner than can be opened and closed as the reader sees fit. I think this is a highly effective approach because it prevents viewers from being bombarded with information and allows them to be selective and explore, which can help enhance engagement.

Text: The text itself is concise, active, results-focused and accessible, feats all reports of this nature should aspire towards.

Other elements: Infographics and videos add to the publication’s interactivity and impact.

This multimedia report does not necessarily incorporate the latest trends and technologies, but it doesn’t mean it’s not effective. At the end of the day, impact matters most.

Read the full interactive report here.

Download the PDF report here.

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