Communications can change the world. When utilized strategically and effectively, communications goes far beyond information sharing.

For social change organizations, strategic and effective communications has a range of benefits. It can:

  • Educate
  • Inspire
  • Mobilize
  • Change and sustain behaviours
  • Enhance knowledge and skills among stakeholders
  • Enhance an entity’s profile, visibility, positioning and reputation
  • Support change and crisis management
  • Mobilize financial and other resources
  • Build partnerships
  • Influence policies
  • Boost humanitarian assistance and sustainable development

Communications Excellence is a site that share advice, anecdotes, tools and resources to help you leverage the transformative power of communications for social change. You will benefit most from this site if you are a communications practitioner or a professional that utilizes communications in their role, and you work with a nonprofit, foundation, government agency, the corporate social responsibility wing of a for-profit business, or another type of social change entity. However, other visitors may find this site useful as it provides some valuable tips that span all fields and sectors. Use this site for inspiration, tips and resources to boost your skills and your organization’s results. Thanks for stopping by! 

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