The irresistible power of storytelling for organizations

“Good stories surprise us. They have compelling characters. They make us think, make us feel. They stick in our minds and help us remember ideas and concepts in a way that numbers and text on a slide with a bar graph don’t.” Read more

Excellent way to present your results online

Here’s a straightforward yet effective way of presenting your results in the last year, courtesy of the NGO Concern Universal. Strong photos, clear and concise texts, relevant/significant content, multimedia elements — it has it all!

CHECK IT OUT. And below, you can check out the awesome music video they made for their Global Handwashing Day campaign in Nigeria, featuring Nigerian musician Sunny Neji.

Humanitarian website a powerful example of online advocacy

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) recently launched the 2015 Global Humanitarian Appeal, a consolidated appeal calling on all stakeholders to support people affected by disaster and conflict. The Global Humanitarian Appeal website serves as an excellent example of online advocacy and outreach. Here’s why:

Images move like a film reel, and as you scroll down, images and texts on specific country situations fade in, and the corresponding figures are automatically tallied up. As you scroll down, you see the total number of people to be assisted in 2015 increase at the top of the page, eventually culminating in the overall figure – 57.5 million people.

Powerful visuals
Supported by strong infographics and typography, the website shows you the faces of those receiving or in need of humanitarian support. It appeals to humanity and reminds us why humanitarian aid is so important.

Tangible data
1.95 million people displaced due to conflict and flooding in South Sudan. 12.2 million people in need in Syria. 57.5 million people in need across the globe. The figures speak for themselves. Who wouldn’t want to support humanitarian aid after seeing these figures?

Success stories
In 2014, 200,000 children in South Sudan were vaccinated against measles and polio in conflict areas, and 570,000 emergency shelters were provided in the Phillipines. Continue scrolling down the Global Humanitarian Appeal site and you will see various success stories, complete with powerful images and infographics. Success stories are a truly effective way of making a case for one’s cause.

Quick tips for effective content marketing

In the wide world of communications, nothing beats strong, well-written content. Great content effectively communicates your objectives and value to your stakeholders, with or without photos, video or other media. But in order to maximize the full potential of this great content, it needs to be sharable and reach the right people. This is where content marketing comes in. Check out these tips for effective content marketing.