• The Art and Science of Emotional Engagement (by Ashley Taylor Anderson for Content Marketing Institute, October 24, 2016): Neuro-imagery shows that when evaluating brands, consumers primarily use emotions rather than factual information. Emotion can be an incredibly powerful engagement tactic for content strategy, but it must be used artfully. This article explores the science of emotion and how it can be used in an empathetic way to create more meaningful content.
  • Narrative = Control = Power (by Mohsin Mohi Ud Din and Michael Niconchuk, #MEWESYRIA, for UNHCR Innovation, October 7, 2016): Extracts: The world so often reduces youth’s voices to a whisper. These are the sounds of amplified voices, of stories told with confidence and hope, despite years of efforts to silence them. Humanitarian youth interventions must foster spaces where  Syrian youth are engaged as co-leaders who dream, lead and act to rebalance the power of narrative away from extremism, loss, and helplessness and towards healing, empathy, and resilience.
  • Video is not the (only) future of media (by Joshua Lasky for Medium, August 1, 2016): With all the hype around video as the future of media and marketing, this article is a welcome and nuanced perspective. Video is certainly on the rise and will be increasingly important in the future, but I certainly do not think it will be the golden ticket for all aspects of media and marketing. Communications professionals will always need to look at their whole toolbox and determine what is most suitable based on their audience needs and other contextual factors. Says Lasky: “Great digital strategies are a mix of formats optimized for how audiences actually want to read, listen, and watch what you have to say.”
  • The Real Difference Between Marketing, Branding, PR, and Advertising (Laurel Mintz for
  • How to Get More (and Better) Content From Your Subject Matter Experts (Content Marketing Institute, published October 13, 2016)
  • Why the Publishing World Needs Humane Design (Contently, October 4, 2016)
  • Learn From Struggling Brands: Insights From the Marketing Trenches (Content Marketing Institute, published June 30, 2016)