To mark its 70th anniversary, UNICEF has invited writers from all over the world to pen a short story on the theme ‘what I want for every child’. Hundreds of writers have participated in the ‘Tiny Stories’ campaign, including famous authors like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Paulo Coelho.

Everyone is invited to share these stories or their own on Facebook and Twitter via the #foreverychild hashtag. Visit the campaign website to learn more.

But before you go, here’s my story:

The Genie

One day, I met a genie who claimed he could give me anything I wanted for my child.

“What is it you want for your child?” the genie asked confidently? “Is it health, safety and the best education?”

“That’s good, but not quite it,” I said.

“Very well, do you also want to equip your child with the tools for wonder, adventure and possibility?” he responded.

“That’s even better, but still not it,” I said.

Growing frustrated, the genie responded: “You are very demanding! But I know what is missing from the list: eternal peace, love and hope.”

“Still better, but not enough,” I maintained.

And now the genie was distressed. “Surely these are the greatest gifts you could give to your child! What more could you want?”

And I responded: “What I want for my child is what I want for every child. Can you grant me that?”


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