6 practical strategies for content promotion

Simply creating great content will not guarantee engagement – you have to promote it! After all that hard work, you have to get it out there, to the right people. However, gone are the days when you could effectively promote your content by tweeting multiple times a day, posting in multiple Facebook groups, and using lots of keywords.

So, in today’s hypermediated world, what are some good strategies to promote your content? Writing for the Content Marketing Institute, Aman Thakur offers some ideas.

1. Leverage a proven blog post template

“Some types of blog posts usually outperform others no matter how much time you spent creating them. If you manage to leverage those content types, you can easily get those crucial traffic numbers,” says Thakur.

Suggested content types include:

  • Expert roundups
  • Infographics
  • Resource-focused posts
  • In-depth guides
  • Long-list posts
  • Original research

2. Build and ask a list of sharers before publication

Before publishing, build and ask a list of sharers if they would like to share your content.

“An unsolicited email that links to something is straightaway deleted,” adds Thakur. “However, when you build a list before publication, you’re just asking the person whether he or she is interested in your content.” Find out more

3. Share with communities

This strategy is made even more effective when you target smaller community sites, like Quora.

“When you focus your content promotion on smaller community sites, you get a competitive edge. Their audiences are narrower in interest but active and focused,” says Thakur.

4. Drive traffic using cheap ads

If you can’t afford Facebook or Google ads, cheaper options are available. Find out more

5. Retarget visitors to grow your email list

Grow your email list by using retargeting ads on platforms like Facebook. Find out more

6. Build links to the content

Get content managers to link to your content through link roundup sites, by pointing out broken links, or by helping them update outdated articles. Find out more

Featured photo source: Platform4, Flickr Creative Commons

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