Use this must-have checklist to effectively promote your blog posts

So, you’ve just written a great blog post. You hit publish and pat yourself on the back for a job very well done, checking off this task as complete and moving on to something else.

Not so fast!

If you truly want to maximize the impact of your great blog content, you need to effectively promote it.

In an article for the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) blog, Brody Dorland reminds us that, “Without an effective and repeatable process for promoting blog posts and maximizing their visibility, all the hard work spent creating them can easily go to waste”.

In his article, Dorland provides a handy checklist and infographic for successful blog promotion. Read the summary below or the full article here. Access and print the checklist in infographic form here.

1. Get visual

Dorland writes: “The data is clear: Strong visuals are needed to grab the attention of today’s web user. If you’re including all text or only dull stock images, you’re not setting yourself up for success.”

2. Optimize for search

Dorland offers several suggestions, including:

  • Identifying keywords and populating them throughout your post.
  • Running Google searches for these terms to learn about types of content already ranking.
  • Cross-linking to other relevant content within your post.

3. Plan for social

Dorland advises bloggers to develop an effective social media strategy for promoting their blog posts, mixing organic and paid promotion. Strategic activities that should be carried out before publishing include:

  • Identifying online communities, groups, or forums covering your subject area, and creating a helpful presence within these contexts.
  • Building relationships with influencers and thought leaders with authority on your post topics.

4. Engage your email list

Dorland notes: “Much like social media, email remains an effective platform for blog promotion, but today’s environment necessitates more nuanced and thoughtful campaign execution.”

He suggests writing attention-grabbing subject lines, utilizing A/B testing, making sure formatting is clean, simple, and mobile-friendly, and including links for recipients to share socially, directly from your email.

5. Follow through on social

After planning for social (step 3), it’s time to follow through by promoting your published content in these channels. Dorland shares several suggestions, including:

  • Publishing organic posts with teasers, trackable shortlinks, and eye-catching images on your social networks of choice.
  • Including the social handles of experts mentioned or quoted in the post to get their attention.
  • Sharing the post in relevant communities or groups where you’ve established a presence.

6. Spread the word

Additional actions you can take to maximize reach and impact include:

  • Featuring the post in your organization’s next newsletter.
  • Writing a guest blog post for a popular industry site and linking back to your post.
  • Sharing directly with high-value customers/target audiences who are most likely to find the post useful.

7. Continue ongoing promotion

The last step in the checklist is probably the most important one. Dorland writes:

“The work doesn’t stop. To truly get the most out of your post, and set up future entries for success, you’ll want to make sure you’re systematically enhancing your promotion process for sustainability.”

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