The case for communications

Image: Maxime Dinaux, Flickr

“Halting climate change. Eradicating disease. Lifting up the arts. Ending poverty. At their core, foundations and nonprofits are in the business of developing and advancing big, bold ideas. If you want your ideas to take hold and win, you need to communicate and communicate well. It’s not an option anymore—it’s a necessity.”

“Practiced at its highest level, communications is so much more than PR or marketing. Smart, strategic communications defines, cultivates, and understands important audiences. It listens. It crafts and shares clear, compelling stories. It builds relationships and deploys influence. It convenes. It designs. It analyzes data and gathers intelligence. It creates conversations. It understands and directs the best of old and new power.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself. The above extracts on the power of strategic and effective communications is taken from the Stanford Social Innovation Review’s web series, ‘The Case for Communications’.

Through a variety of case studies the series illustrates how smart, strategic communications helps organizations deliver high levels of impact. Examples of the case studies on offer range from how the World Wildlife Fund’s communications strategy increased media coverage of illegal poaching by 270 percent, to how effective communications contributed to the repeal of the US military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell‘ policy.

The editors hope that the series prompts social sector leaders to rethink the role and potential of communications as a key means by which powerful impact and success can be achieved.


Check out the series here


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