Why nonprofits need video (+ 5 tips and examples)

While video is not the only solution for engaging content in our digital age, it is nonetheless a great tool for nonprofits. And the great news is video production isn’t as complicated and expensive as it used to be.

As highlighted by Ronald Pruitt, the founder of 4aGoodCause, well-produced videos are great because they can:

  1. Provide authentic and compelling visuals to tell your story
  2. Provide a sense of ‘being there’ to the viewer
  3. Engage your audiences both intellectually and emotionally
  4. Effectively move people to act through the combination of storytelling, imagery, music and personal appeals
  5. Expand and encourage audience growth and reach through online distribution and social media shares

So, how can nonprofits truly leverage the power of video? Pruitt offers five ideas for and examples of great nonprofit video marketing, summarized below.

1. Tell your story

Why was your organization established? What has been your journey so far? Use your video to share your organization’s story. As covered in previous posts, effective storytelling can go a long way in engaging audiences. Once engaged, invite your viewers to support your organization by directing them to a relevant section of your website.

Example: Falling Whistles, a nonprofit organization campaigning for peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

2. Spread awareness of a problem that must be addressed

Use your video as an opportunity to position your organization as a solution to the problem. Invite viewers to learn more about how to address the problem on your website.

Example: Girl Effect, a nonprofit organization working to reach 250 million girls living in poverty across the world by 2030, giving them the tools and access to the critical assets they need to achieve their full potential.

3. Motivate action

Use your video to show each viewer how they can make a difference, and mobilize them to take the action illustrated in your video.

Example: Love146’s video to take action against child trafficking and exploitation.

4. Create catalysts

Inspire supporters to become catalysts for global change.

Example: Dressember, a collaborative movement using fashion to support the abolition of modern day slavery.

5. Share the impact your nonprofit has made

Share testimonials to show how your organization has improved people’s lives. This will help viewers better understand the real impact or your organization and therefore inspire them to support or continue to support your work.

Example: LoveYourBrain, a nonprofit that works to improve the quality of life for people affected by brain injury.

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