Looking to make your storytelling more strategic and effective? Check this out

All communications professionals are storytellers. With that in mind, it’s important to understand that a powerful, well-told story is the best tool for shifting people’s thinking and prompting them to act.

Many of us working in communications for good are looking for ways to enhance our storytelling impact. Enter Storytelling for Good, a new platform from the Communications Network that provides  interactive lessons on strategy, content, engagement and evaluation.

Each lesson allows you to input information unique to your organization, and helps you devise a tailored storytelling strategy through a four-step process: defining your strategy, creating content, finding a platform, and evaluating impact.

The site also provides How To Guides on how to tell stories and measure impact on a variety of platforms, including email, Facebook, Medium, Twitter and Instagram.

You’ll also find a collection of case studies and articles that give insight into best practices, along with real world refections on what has worked well and what hasn’t.

It gets better: you can filter through all of this content by the specific goals you have in mind (whether it’s changing attitudes or raising awareness), or by themes and topics (like writing and engagement).

Give it a spin here

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